Preparing for a Summer Road Trip

Taking a summer road trip is a popular American pastime, but is your vehicle properly prepared? Here are some helpful tips on preparing for a summer road trip from us here at Orange County BMW. Supplies Packing your car with everything you need for your summer road trip is usually pretty straightforward. While you might forget an item or two, […]

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New BMW M550i Ready to Roll

New BMW M550i

The automotive industry hasn’t seen an M badge on the 5 Series sedan in more than 30 years, but that’s about to change. Now five generations past the first M5, the new BMW 5 Series is ready to rule the road once again. The new BMW M550i is the fastest model yet, but there’s more to come later this year. […]

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Safe Driving Tips

While many people don’t have a second thought before stepping outside to drive, statistics show that it’s one of the most dangerous activities that humans do. That’s why it’s important that you take as many precautions as possible when stepping into your car. Here are a few safe driving tips to protect you.   Slow Down Speeding to get somewhere […]

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How to Stay Entertained During Road Trips

Road trips are a staple of the American dream. At some point in nearly every person’s lives, they will partake in some sort of extended road trip. While they are an amazing experience, there can be times where there are lulls in the action. That’s why you need to be prepared to stay entertained during road trips.   Load Music […]

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Winter Driving Tips

BMW Winter Driving - Harriman, NY

Winter has a habit of being rough on cars. Whether you’re dealing with snowfall, hazardous road conditions, or low temperatures that affect the performance of your vehicle, we could all use some winter driving tips to get us through the long and dangerous cold months. If you need some expert advice, we’ve got you covered; following these guidelines will keep […]

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BMW Halloween Ideas: How to Dress Up Your Bimmer

BMW 2 Series - Harriman, NY

Halloween isn’t just about dressing up yourself. People dress up their pets, their houses—and yes, even their cars. The Bimmer is a popular choice for the Halloween treatment, so here are some of our favorite BMW Halloween costumes and more. This black BMW with orange wheel and grille accents will really stand out on Halloween. The matte black paint and […]

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5 Back to School Safety Tips for Drivers

construction worker - Harriman, NY

When school is in session, certain things change. Stay-at-home parents get some solitude at home, teachers prepare their lesson plans, and things become a little more dangerous on the roads. To stay cautious and aware this school year, we’ve put together this list of five back to school safety tips for drivers.   Respect the Limits   Those speed limit […]

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BMW Testing the M2 at Nurburgring

Orange County BMW

Back in July of this year, rumors were circulating that BMW was tweaking the already popular M2 to make it lighter and more powerful. Some changes discussed would include carbon fiber body panels, bigger wheels, and a noticeable increase in horsepower. Thanks to YouTuber Supercarsfromeu, we have a new video that shows a somewhat camouflaged vehicle speeding around the track […]

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