Preparing for a Summer Road Trip

Taking a summer road trip is a popular American pastime, but is your vehicle properly prepared? Here are some helpful tips on preparing for a summer road trip from us here at Orange County BMW. Supplies Packing your car with everything you need for your summer road trip is usually pretty straightforward. While you might forget an item or two, […]

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New BMW M550i Ready to Roll

New BMW M550i

The automotive industry hasn’t seen an M badge on the 5 Series sedan in more than 30 years, but that’s about to change. Now five generations past the first M5, the new BMW 5 Series is ready to rule the road once again. The new BMW M550i is the fastest model yet, but there’s more to come later this year. […]

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How to Stay Entertained During Road Trips

Road trips are a staple of the American dream. At some point in nearly every person’s lives, they will partake in some sort of extended road trip. While they are an amazing experience, there can be times where there are lulls in the action. That’s why you need to be prepared to stay entertained during road trips.   Load Music […]

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BMW M550I xDrive Performance: The Fastest 5 Series Ever

BMW Interior

The all-new BMW M550I xDrive is set to hit the roads next year. This is the first-ever vehicle of the sorts, with impressive performance and refined styling. In fact, the new M550I xDrive is the fastest 5 Series ever produced, capable of doing 0 to 60 in less than 4.0 seconds flat. You won’t want to leave the driver’s seat […]

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Winter Driving Tips

BMW Winter Driving - Harriman, NY

Winter has a habit of being rough on cars. Whether you’re dealing with snowfall, hazardous road conditions, or low temperatures that affect the performance of your vehicle, we could all use some winter driving tips to get us through the long and dangerous cold months. If you need some expert advice, we’ve got you covered; following these guidelines will keep […]

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Driver Assist Technologies: Redefining the Auto World

BMW- Orange County BMW - NY

Driver assist technology is one of the biggest breakthroughs in automotive design in recent history. These safety systems help you to be a better driver by monitoring your blind spots, maintaining a safe following distance, and even by making sure you are alert. By 2020, virtually all cars in the US will have an automated forward collision warning and braking […]

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Car Spring Cleaning Tips

Great car spring cleaning tips!

Spring is upon us, which means it is time for some spring cleaning. As you are sprucing up your house and cleaning out the garage and attic, do not forget about your car! At Orange County BMW of Harriman, NY, we have some great car spring cleaning tips for you. Of course you want your car to sparkle on the […]

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