Car Spring Cleaning Tips

Great car spring cleaning tips!

Spring is upon us, which means it is time for some spring cleaning. As you are sprucing up your house and cleaning out the garage and attic, do not forget about your car! At Orange County BMW of Harriman, NY, we have some great car spring cleaning tips for you. Of course you want your car to sparkle on the […]

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Octane Ratings Explained: What Do the Numbers At the Pump Mean?

gas octane ratings explained

Ever wonder what those numbers mean at the pump? We’ve put together a post to help explain what exactly octane ratings are, as well as when you should consider upgrading to a premium octane level. Typically, pumps have three octane ratings: 87, 89, and 91/93. The higher the number, the higher the octane rating. According to How Stuff Works, octane […]

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