BMW Halloween Ideas: How to Dress Up Your Bimmer

BMW 2 Series - Harriman, NY

Halloween isn’t just about dressing up yourself. People dress up their pets, their houses—and yes, even their cars. The Bimmer is a popular choice for the Halloween treatment, so here are some of our favorite BMW Halloween costumes and more. This black BMW with orange wheel and grille accents will really stand out on Halloween. The matte black paint and […]

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Should You Enroll in the BMW Performance Driving School?

Information on BMW Performance Driving School

To really experience the full thrill and joy of driving a BMW, you need to know how to handle its powerful engine and how to take full advantage of its precision drive features; the best place to learn all this is, without a doubt, at the BMW Performance Driving School. The BMW Performance Driving School has four offerings: a Driver’s […]

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Uber Drivers Get Chance to Drive the BMW 7 Series

2016 BMW 7 Series gets Uber Driver test drive

More people are reaching out to Uber to help with their transportation needs. More people are also choosing BMW vehicles. So in a way, it makes sense for these two groups to combine efforts. According to a BMW press release, Uber is offering select Uber drivers the chance to test drive the BMW 7 series. The highly anticipated 2016 BMW […]

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5 Fall Desserts to Fall in Love With

Fall Desserts to Fall in Love With

  Summer, winter, and spring all have their own sweets to create. However, the treats in fall are simply wonderful! Here are 5 fall desserts to fall in love with. Pecan Pie Nothing says Southern Comfort like a slice of Pecan Pie. This dessert will certainly be comfortable inside your stomach! Pumpkin Pie Speaking of pies that start with the […]

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