BMW Halloween Ideas: How to Dress Up Your Bimmer

BMW 2 Series - Harriman, NY

Halloween isn’t just about dressing up yourself. People dress up their pets, their houses—and yes, even their cars. The Bimmer is a popular choice for the Halloween treatment, so here are some of our favorite BMW Halloween costumes and more. This black BMW with orange wheel and grille accents will really stand out on Halloween. The matte black paint and […]

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5 Back to School Safety Tips for Drivers

construction worker - Harriman, NY

When school is in session, certain things change. Stay-at-home parents get some solitude at home, teachers prepare their lesson plans, and things become a little more dangerous on the roads. To stay cautious and aware this school year, we’ve put together this list of five back to school safety tips for drivers.   Respect the Limits   Those speed limit […]

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BMW Testing the M2 at Nurburgring

Orange County BMW

Back in July of this year, rumors were circulating that BMW was tweaking the already popular M2 to make it lighter and more powerful. Some changes discussed would include carbon fiber body panels, bigger wheels, and a noticeable increase in horsepower. Thanks to YouTuber Supercarsfromeu, we have a new video that shows a somewhat camouflaged vehicle speeding around the track […]

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The Self-Driving BMW Car Will Be Produced with Help From Mobileye and Intel

BMW 7 Series - Harriman, NY

With many automakers laying out an ironclad deadline, we get closer and closer to self-driving cars on the road every single month. And now, BMW has taken another giant leap forward, by announcing a partnership with Mobileye and Intel. Mobileye – a leader in automobile software – and Intel – one of the largest tech companies in the country – […]

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Switch Up Your New York Lifestyle with These Weekend Getaways

2016 BMW 3 Series - Harriman, NY

Looking for a last-minute adventure? Luckily, New Yorkers are located just a short drive away from some of the country’s top tourist destinations. Here are some weekend getaways perfect for any New Yorker:   Washington, D.C. – If you enjoy the hustle and bustle of New York City but are looking to switch it up, then Washington D.C. is the […]

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Driver Assist Technologies: Redefining the Auto World

BMW- Orange County BMW - NY

Driver assist technology is one of the biggest breakthroughs in automotive design in recent history. These safety systems help you to be a better driver by monitoring your blind spots, maintaining a safe following distance, and even by making sure you are alert. By 2020, virtually all cars in the US will have an automated forward collision warning and braking […]

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Facts About Leasing that Millennials Should Know

Leasing a BMW in Harriman, NY

When it comes time to purchase a vehicle of your very own, you have a number of different financial options. One option that is becoming increasingly popular with millennial drivers is leasing. More young drivers are leasing their vehicles than ever before. However, it is important to understand all of the details about leasing before choosing this option. Here are […]

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BMW Unveils the Roster for Their Olympic and Paralympic BMW Performance Team

Get Ready for Rio 2016 With the BMW Performance Team roster

Strength and perseverance are two areas where BMW and its vehicles excel. Therefore, BMW looks to help support those who also embody those characteristics. The latest group that BMW has pledged to support is bringing their determination and skills to the biggest athletic event of the year! According to a post from the BMW blog, BMW has unveiled the roster […]

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