Car Spring Cleaning Tips

Great car spring cleaning tips!

Great car spring cleaning tips!

Spring is upon us, which means it is time for some spring cleaning. As you are sprucing up your house and cleaning out the garage and attic, do not forget about your car! At Orange County BMW of Harriman, NY, we have some great car spring cleaning tips for you.

Of course you want your car to sparkle on the outside, so give it a good cleaning. Make sure to clean underneath your car to get out all of the dust and grime from the winter and pay special attention to your tires. Once your car is shimmering, move to the inside.

Dust everything, clean out all of the trash, and vacuum out the whole car. Once everything is clean, go through and organize your car including your glove box and other compartments. This will help your car from getting too messy on your next drive. For the finishing touch, add a fresh new car freshener of your favorite scent.

We want to hear your tips for spring cleaning, so please leave us a comment below. After your car spring cleaning is done, bring your car in for a regular maintenance check at Orange County BMW. We hope to see you soon!

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