Should You Enroll in the BMW Performance Driving School?

Information on BMW Performance Driving SchoolTo really experience the full thrill and joy of driving a BMW, you need to know how to handle its powerful engine and how to take full advantage of its precision drive features; the best place to learn all this is, without a doubt, at the BMW Performance Driving School.

The BMW Performance Driving School has four offerings: a Driver’s Program for elevated safety and handling skills, Teen School for young drivers, M School for advanced reflexive driving, and Motorcycle for learning all the finer ins-and-outs of your BMW bike.

We strongly encourage new BMW drivers to enroll in the Driver’s Program; you can achieve so much with your BMW, but few know how to do so without an instructor’s help. For more seasoned BMW drivers, M School is an amazing opportunity to dramatically increase your driving skills.

But, perhaps most importantly, if you’re going to be handing over the keys to your BMW to your teenage child any time soon, get them into Teen School; it’s a controlled environment that will give them a safer driving foundation and prepare them (and your beloved BMW) for the open road.

Stop by Orange County BMW today for more information on BMW’s Performance D riving School. If you’re ready, come test drive a new BMW today so you can drive one home with confidence.


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