BMW unveils Concept Compact Sedan design

BMW has long been a brand name that symbolizes quality of engineering, and the company has exhibited this by prioritizing driving dynamics above all else. However, the company recently decided to explore a new direction with the Concept Compact Sedan they unveiled at an auto show in Guangzhou, China. The sedan is reportedly built to focus on both interior and exterior style and to appeal to a more youthful market than other sedans.

The show car itself has a broad, muscular front and rear fascia and sits long and low to the ground, giving the Concept Compact Sedan a sporty look. The wheels are wide-set and pushed to the corners of the vehicle. The liquid metal bronze paint, aluminum details, and 20-inch alloy wheels only serve to make the sedan seem even more luxurious.

The interior, on the other hand, is crafted from premium materials like Nappa leather, aluminum trim, and open-pore wood, and also features other upscale additions like ambient lighting and a 8.8-inch touchscreen display for the entertainment system.

The Concept Compact Sedan is BMW’s foray into front-wheel drive in addition to being a practical but stylish four-door sedan. Industry experts suspect this tentatively-named concept could eventually join the model lineup as a next-generation 1 Series or 2 Series.

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