2016 BMW i3 Battery to Have Extended Range

2016 BMW i3BMW released their i3 EV back in 2013, so it’s relatively young compared to some other models on the market. However, BMW’s mark of quality and excellence ensures that the i3 is still one of the most advanced EVs available. Now, to get even further ahead of the competition, the company has confirmed the BMW i3 battery will have a longer range for the 2016 model year.

Full details will be disclosed by the end of the year, according to a company representative, which still leaves the rest of us in the dark concerning how BMW will achieve this extended range. Some experts speculate that the BMW i3 battery will have a larger capacity or will be more dense thanks to newer and more innovative technology. The current 2015 model can get a charge of about 81 miles on its 22 kWh battery.

BMW has hinted at an upcoming leap forward in technological innovation within the next three to four years, and the updated design of next year’s i3 will make these leaps easier to adapt to and manage. The industry is staying tuned for further announcements about the 2016 BMW i3 battery as the year draws to a close.

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