BMW M Coupe Takes Center Stage in Petrolicious

The BMW M Coupe has always held a special place in our hearts at Orange County BMW. It’s never been the best-looking car on the block—not even close to it, depending on who you ask—but it’s always been one of the most exciting.

BMW M Coupe owner and thrillseeker Alex McCulloch talks about the tiny three-door and what makes it so special in the latest Petrolicious episode. “I used to say it wanted to kill me,” he remarked, “but now we’ve reached an agreement where it’s not quite as murderous.”

The M Coupe was born out of the Z3 convertible, which BMW fitted with a bulbous roof to increase rigidity and with the inline six engine from the M3. McCulloch now uses his M Coupe to compete in time trials on the track, the excitement of which he likens to his other hobby: competitive hang gliding. See it all in the video below!


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