2016 BMW 7 Series First Drive Reviews Are Coming Out

2016 BMW 7 Series First DriveOf all the new vehicles we’ve introduced this year at Orange County BMW, perhaps none are as highly anticipated as the upcoming 7 Series, which has finally made its way into the hands of a few select reviewers.

Based on these 2016 BMW 7 Series First Drive reviews, we now have even more reason to be excited. As the flagship sedan in the automaker’s lineup, the new 7 Series shows all the best that BMW has to offer, from interior quality and technology to exterior design and modernity—and let’s not forget that legendary track performance, enabled by the 445-hp twin-turbo V8 engine.

“Bavaria’s newest flagship is a palatial limousine with technology for days, but being your own chauffeur is just as fun,” Digital Trends’ Andrew Hard commented.

The technology is what we’re really looking forward to at Orange County BMW. The 2016 7 Series is full of tech belonging in a futuristic movie, like gesture control, which lets you control certain aspects of the car with mere hand motions. Turn up the volume with a twirl of the finger or decline a call with a dismissive backhand—it just feels so good.

The new HUD is equally impressive, with a larger projection area showing information like current speed, the posted speed limit, and navigation information. If you’re driving in an unfamiliar place, you’ll be glad to have it along.

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