Optimizing Connectivity: The BMW EnLighten App

BMW EnLighten App to notify drivers of changing traffic lightsThanks to the latest breakthroughs in driver connectivity, BMW has developed a state-of-the-art system to give drivers better awareness of traffic signals. The BMW EnLighten app shows the status of traffic lights around you, making driving safer and more efficient than ever.

According to UberGizmo, the system works by detecting signals from traffic lights in front of your car. Using an integrated high-definition screen, the system does everything from countdown to when the light will turn green, to letting you know when to slow down.

What are the advantages of the EnLighten App? Aside from simply keeping you better informed, the system enables you to drive more efficiently by letting you know when to start braking, or if the light is going to turn green. This can also help prevent accidents caused by running red lights by letting you know in advance when lights are turning.

This is an exclusive feature that is only being offered in a limited number of BMW cars. With some of the most advanced connectivity features on the market, such as EnLighten, it’s no wonder BMW is one of the most popular luxury car makers on the planet.

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