How to Prepare Your Car for Fall

Everyone loves the vivid colors of autumn leaves and the cheers from the crowds during football season. However, this beautiful fall weather has some downsides. The nights are getting longer and colder, which means it is time to prepare your car for fall.

Follow these steps to make sure your car is ready.

  1. HVAC. Make sure both your heater and air conditioning are in working order. You still need your A/C to help remove the fog from your windows.
  2. Tires. Wet leaves on the road can lead to slick conditions. If your tire tread is too low, you may find yourself stuck in a ditch. Check your tread depth and consider switching to winter tires as the temperatures continue to drop.
  3. Emergency kit. Pack an emergency kit with items like extra blankets, high-energy snacks, water and Gatorade, road flares, a spare cell phone with charged battery, flashlight, and other items you might need to stay safe and warm in an emergency.
  4. Tune up. Any minor issues your car is having can easily turn into major ones. Get your car inspected and back up to par before winter rolls in.

If you need help getting your car ready for fall, schedule a service appointment here at Orange County BMW.

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