How and Why to Celebrate Labor Day

With Labor Day just around the corner, you might be trying to fit in a few more pool days before the season is over. But don’t forget that Labor Day isn’t just an arbitrary marker for the end of the summer. This often-overlooked holiday is a celebration of all hard-working Americans, their achievements, and their influence on society, the economy, and all the other working parts of this nation.


The first Labor Day was celebrated in New York City on September 5, 1882. This was a time when many American workers were putting effort towards building things like roads, railways, dams, and more. The citizens of America were literally building the country, and it was decided that these workers deserved a day to honor their efforts.


You may not be building a railway yourself, but the work that you do is still impactful in some way; whether you’re making people’s day by serving them good meals, working as a teacher, building cars, or something else entirely. Celebrate Labor Day this year in a new way by taking the day off as a way to honor the work that you do. Notice how it makes an impact on society and the people is serves.


At Orange County BMW, we respect what we do just as much as we admire other people’s aspirations. We find that Labor Day is a great time to both take a break from our own hard work and say thank you to a neighbor who makes their own contribution to the world every day.

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