How to Wash Your Car Like a Professional

Wash Your Car Like A Pro


If you’ve ever wanted to wash your car like a pro, here are some pointers to help you make it shine.


Use soap formulated for washing cars

The number one mistake people make when washing their vehicles is using some kind of generic detergent or dishwashing soap to clean their car, which strips the wax and can actually damage your car. Instead, look for a car-washing soap specially formulated to maintain the look and feel of your vehicle.


Smooth paint with a clay bar

After your wash and rinse your car, you will be more able to feel any bumps or scratches on your car. You can use a clay bar to smooth out your paint for a more like-new appearance; Simply knead the clay bar into a flat wafer and run it across the body of your vehicle.


Don’t skip polishing and waxing

Giving your car a good polish after you wash and detail adds more depth and dimension to the color of your vehicle. It’s not necessary, but it goes the extra mile in adding to the appearance of your car. However, waxing your car is important in protecting it from natural wear and tear.


Wash the windows and wheels

Save the windows and wheels for last, as washing the rest of the car can cause dirt to wash onto them. Taking the time to carefully clean your windows and wheels gives your vehicle a particular shine that’s only seen on new vehicles.


If you have any questions on how to wash your car, come to us at Orange County BMW.

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