Preparing for a Summer Road Trip

Preparing for a Summer Road Trip

Preparing for a Summer Road Trip

Taking a summer road trip is a popular American pastime, but is your vehicle properly prepared? Here are some helpful tips on preparing for a summer road trip from us here at Orange County BMW.


Packing your car with everything you need for your summer road trip is usually pretty straightforward. While you might forget an item or two, odds are you’ll have almost everything you need. Unfortunately, many drivers forget to pack what they need in case they run into a problem on the road, like a flat tire. You can save both time and money by packing a jack, tire wrench, pry bar, and gloves.


Cars old and new need to be professionally inspected prior to any road trip. Try to schedule a service appointment a week prior to your trip so any problems can be fixed. Even if you keep up with routine maintenance, a professional inspection could help spot a small problem before it becomes a major repair.


An old battery can be devastating to any summer road trip. The hot summer sun and engine can cause overheating and many other problems. Consider replacing your vehicle’s battery prior to a road trip, especially if it’s a few years old.

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