Cool Facts about BMW

2017 BMW 4 Series

If you’re a fan of BMW lineups past and present, maybe you’ve heard a thing or two about the company. It probably wouldn’t surprise you to know that BMW has dabbled successfully in more than just cars. With more than 100 years under their belt, the history of BMW has a lot of stories to tell. We’ve picked three of our favorite facts about BMW to share with you, and hope that you’ll stop in at Orange County BMW to learn more about this iconic brand.


It All Started with Airplanes


Before it was BMW, it was Bayerische Flugzeugwerke (or BFW). The company mostly focused on making airplane engines—good ones. Their engines fueled planes that regularly broke records, like the biplane that reached 32,000 ft. in 1919.


What’s in a Logo?


One story likes to argue that the BMW logo is reflective of the company’s origin in the clouds, claiming it’s supposed to be airplane propellers against the blue sky. However, the white and blue are actually there to represent the colors of Bavaria.


They’re Also Good at Motorcycles


In 1937, BMW created a motorcycle with an aerodynamic design reminiscent of a bullet. This bad boy reached 173.7 mph (and was probably extremely dangerous), breaking the world record for speed at the time.

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