Quick Tips for Fast Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning–what a slog. But there’s no better time to open all the windows and crack the door and just get all that dust and grime out of your house. Orange County BMW knows it can be rough, though, so they’re sharing some fast spring cleaning tips from the experts at RealSimple.com to help make the process go a little quicker.

Focus On High-Traffic Areas

Spend more time scrubbing and cleaning the areas that see more traffic, like rugs and carpet near the entrance or the floor right by the stove. Everywhere else can get a once-over with a vacuum or mop.

Clean the Outside of Windows

Windows get more grime on the outside (makes sense) so focus cleaning efforts on the exterior unless something really, really looks gross.

Steam Curtains

Those window treatments pick up more than you think, but thankfully, all you have to do is pick up a handheld fabric steamer. Don’t even take the curtain off the rod!

Baking Soda on Your Mattress

What?! Okay, this sounds totally weird, but it works. While your bed sheets and mattress cover are in the laundry, sprinkle a light dusting of baking soda on the mattress to remove odors and draw out moisture and dirt. You don’t even have to vacuum it off until the next time you change the sheets.

Fast spring cleaning can be made easy with a few pointers. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and put these tips to good use for an easy, refreshed home.

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