BMW to Debut Sporty i3 S Variant

Electric vehicles tend to be a niche interest for most auto fans, but BMW hopes to draw attention to its EV offering – the BMW i3 – with a new performance-focused model. Later this year, the brand plans on bringing a sporty i3 S Variant to the nameplate’s lineup, giving it a more performance-focused, range-topping model that could bring new interest to the EV segment. Orange County BMW is excited to see how this new variant fares in the market.

BMW to bring a Sporty i3 S variant to marketThe BMW i3 S will be getting a slew of upgrades to the chassis and powertrain, such as a new and more powerful electric motor. The i3 S will also feature a number of styling cues taken from the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid that will set it apart from the rest of its model lineup, granting it a sleeker and more athletic appearance that will appeal to enthusiasts looking for something a bit more stylish.

Experts say more news on the BMW i3 S variant will be released at the upcoming Geneva auto show, but not to expect to see the new model in public until the event in Frankfurt later this year. When it debuts the i3 S will likely start with a price point around $50,000 before government incentives.

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