BMW Aims to Improve Electric Car Sales for 2017

2017 BMW i3 - Harriman, NY

The BMW i3 headlines BMW’s electric offerings heading into 2017!

Predictions are in, and it seems that BMW is estimating that by the end of 2016, the brand will have sold over 60,000 units of electric vehicles. However, those electric car sales aren’t good enough for BMW. The brand hopes to improve in 2017 with a goal of selling over 100,000 electric cars during the course of next year. CEO Harald Krueger is confident in his assumption that demand for EVs and hybrids will increase over time, and the projected gradual sales increase will reflect that electric mobility.

While 2016 and 2017 will see the debut of several more advanced EVs and hybrids on the market in an increasingly popular green car segment, BMW has plans to expand its own electric lineup by improving the battery capacity of the latest BMW i3 from 81 miles to 114 miles. The i3 is designed to be a small and agile vehicle for city life, making its range plenty sufficient for daily life. Additionally, plans to add more hybrids and plug-in hybrids to existing models are growing.

Whether or not BMW’s future electric car sales reflect the goals set forth by the company remains to be seen, but with alternatives to traditional gasoline powertrains becoming more and more popular and technology behind electric and hybrid vehicles becoming more innovative every year, the brand could be on its way to success in yet another segment.

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