BMW Hydrogen-Powered 5-Series Out and About

2015 BMW 5 Series on display at the Chicago Auto ShowBMW’s Innovation Days 2015 had a great turnout this year, with a BMW hydrogen-powered 5-Series being showcased as part of the festivities. The hydrogen fuel cell car, based in a 5-Series Gran Turismo, was co-developed alongside Toyota.

The prototype is assured to deliver zero-emissions and doesn’t require the lengthy recharging time that plug-in electric vehicles do. The fuel cell vehicle is powered by a new electric motor derived from the i-sub brand and generates an impressive 245 horsepower. Those numbers are comparable to BMW’s 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder gas engines.

BMW and Toyota partnered first in 2013, and initially set their goal to deliver a group of vehicles like this one by 2020. Judging by the success seen so far, they’re right on track.

To take a look at the newly developed BMW hydrogen-powered 5-Series for yourself, click here.

Orange County BMW is excited to see what the future holds for other potential BMW fuel cell vehicles, and if they’re anything like this one, they’ll be sure to impress even the most critical consumers.

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