Winter Driving Tips

BMW Winter Driving - Harriman, NY

Be safe driving in treacherous conditions this winter.

Winter has a habit of being rough on cars. Whether you’re dealing with snowfall, hazardous road conditions, or low temperatures that affect the performance of your vehicle, we could all use some winter driving tips to get us through the long and dangerous cold months. If you need some expert advice, we’ve got you covered; following these guidelines will keep you safe and sound when things get slippery out there.

Keep Up With Maintenance

Some people will “winterize” their cars, but not even that is entirely necessary; just stay up to date with your regular maintenance to make sure your vehicle is in its best condition. Cold temperatures affect battery capacity and tire pressure, among other things, so it’s best to be prepared.

Visibility is Important

Clean your exterior lights and make sure your mirrors, windshield, and all windows are free of ice and snow.

Fill Up

Keep your tank at least half full in the winter time. You never know when you’ll need to rev your car to get it out of a ditch or idle it to stay warm as you wait for help.

Drive Cautiously

Be slower and more defensive than usual on the road. Remember, you don’t only have to watch for your vehicle slipping or breaking down, but others as well. Watch out for each other.

Hopefully these winter driving tips have helped you learn something you didn’t know before about driving in cold weather conditions. For winter maintenance or more tips, contact us at Orange County BMW today! Good luck out there!

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