New BMW 5 Series Announced

BMW 5 Series - Harriman, NY

BMW will bring exciting enhancements to its 5 Series models.

The new BMW 5 Series announced earlier this month is an all-new take on the previous 5 Series, with a new design that takes from both the 5 Series and 7 Series to create an entirely new car. The 5 Series isn’t just redesigned on the outside—it’s bursting with the latest technologies.

One of the incredible new features on the 2017 5 Series is Remote Parking and Gesture Control, which lets you park your vehicle while outside the car and use gestures inside the car to use the 10.25-inch touchscreen.

The 2017 5 Series is the most comfortable yet, with massaging seats and contact sensors for easy seat control. It’s also the most stylish—the new 5 Series has standard LED Adaptive headlights, a low center of gravity for a sportier look, and the standard Sport design.

You can add the M Sport package to your 5 Series for better aerodynamics, a lower suspension, and your choice of run-flat tires. The 5 Series has more cargo space, active noise cancellation technology, and optional wireless charging for the most convenient and comfortable ride you can find.

These are just a few of the myriad upgrades in the 2017 BMW 5 Series. The new 5 Series is completely new and incredibly innovative, so learn more at BMW’s website.

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