Safety Tips for Driving in Rain

Fall is a rainy season, and driving in rain is especially dangerous because the roads tend to be covered in slick leaves. When you have to drive in low traction environments or you’re dealing with low visibility because of heavy rain, there are some safety precautions you can take to keep yourself and the people around you safe.

When it starts to rain, turn your lights on immediately if you don’t already have them on. This may seem obvious, but tons of people forget to turn their lights on, and it can be seriously dangerous for the people around you. In low visibility situations, you need to be able to see the people in front of you clearly so you can give yourself enough room to stop. If you don’t turn your lights on and you get rear-ended, it’s a little bit your fault.

The next tip goes hand in hand with the last one. You need to give yourself extra room to slow down. Stopping is harder on wet roads, so you need more space to slow down or you’ll end up rear-ending someone. This is good advice for stoplights too—even if the light is green, slow down when you’re near them in case it turns yellow and you don’t have room to stop.

Don’t use cruise control or forward collision assist in heavy rain! Unpredictable conditions are the time to take control. However, experts say lane-keeping assist features can be helpful in reducing skid.

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