Getting Your BMW Ready for Winter

BMW X Series In Snow - Harriman, NY

Make sure your BMW is ready for the harsh conditions of winter.

The temperature is finally starting to drop now that we’ve hit October, and that means it’s time to start thinking about winterizing our cars. There are a lot of things you can do to get your BMW ready for winter, but these are some of the most important.

Here in NYC, heavy snowfall is a fact of life, so seriously consider switching out your all-season tires for winter ones. Even if you don’t change your tires, give them a good inspection—check for cracks and bulging, make sure there aren’t any leaks, and check the air pressure.

It’s also a good idea to check your battery and have it tested. Batteries are more likely to fail in cold weather, so if yours is already losing juice, it’s good to find out now. Inspect the terminals and cables for cracks and leaks, and check the fluid level, as well.

Speaking of fluid, get an oil change! Now is the perfect time, especially if it’s been a while since your last one. Winter is hard on your engine, and putting in clean oil is a great way to keep it running well. Talk to your BMW technician about whether you should switch to a different oil that is better for winter. Check all your fluids and top them off when necessary.

Get new windshield wipers. Winter wipers are a good choice because they’re sturdier and hold up well against snow. Have your brakes inspected for wearing pads or leaks in the line, check to make sure all your lights work, and test your heater and defrost. If anything isn’t working right, get it fixed now before the cold hits!

For more tips or questions, please contact Orange County BMW today, and one of our BMW experts would be glad to help you!

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