BMW Halloween Ideas: How to Dress Up Your Bimmer

Halloween isn’t just about dressing up yourself. People dress up their pets, their houses—and yes, even their cars. The Bimmer is a popular choice for the Halloween treatment, so here are some of our favorite BMW Halloween costumes and more.

BMW 2 Series - Harriman, NY

BMWs are perfect for Halloween accessorizing!

This black BMW with orange wheel and grille accents will really stand out on Halloween. The matte black paint and dark tinted windshield lets it blend into the night, with only glowing orange eyes showing up in the dark. It’s a creepy touch, and perfect for the holiday.

Then there’s this creatively decorated 3 Series. The owner gave his car jagged orange teeth and put black slits for pupils in the headlights to make the front end look like a face. Totally menacing. All-orange BMWs are also perfect for Halloween. They’re easy to dress up—add a design in safe paint or strap a stem to the roof to make it look like a pumpkin!

Speaking of pumpkins, pumpkin carving is another fun way to show off your BMW love. If you’re artsy, try carving your favorite BMW into your pumpkin like this talented fan did, or go for something a little easier and carve the BMW logo. You’re guaranteed to impress your neighbors and trick-or-treaters!

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