BMW Testing the M2 at Nurburgring

Back in July of this year, rumors were circulating that BMW was tweaking the already popular M2 to make it lighter and more powerful. Some changes discussed would include carbon fiber body panels, bigger wheels, and a noticeable increase in horsepower.

Thanks to YouTuber Supercarsfromeu, we have a new video that shows a somewhat camouflaged vehicle speeding around the track at Nürburgring, Germany. It’s very likely that this is the new BMW M2 (either GTS or CSL, depending on what BMW decides to call it) taking a few test laps, considering the body shape of the vehicle and other recognizable features.

With this footage of BMW testing the M2, we’re excited to see where they decide to evolve this series of vehicles. Should the M2 follow in the footsteps of the M4 GTS variant, there may be a double clutch option as well. This means no interruption in the flow of power while the driver has the option to shift via the steering wheel paddles or the selector lever.

Although nothing official has been released regarding the updates, we are still hopeful that new M2 details will be announced soon. Stop by Orange County BMW today for all of your up-to-date info on anything BMW related, as well as test drives of the newest BMW vehicles available.

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