5 Back to School Safety Tips for Drivers

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Pay attention to road signs in order to stop when necessary.

When school is in session, certain things change. Stay-at-home parents get some solitude at home, teachers prepare their lesson plans, and things become a little more dangerous on the roads. To stay cautious and aware this school year, we’ve put together this list of five back to school safety tips for drivers.


Respect the Limits


Those speed limit signs in school zones aren’t just there for show. They are a serious reminder that there may be children walking around the area and that you should slow down so that you are more prepared to stop. Not to mention, if the police catch you speeding in that zone you better prepare to pay a hefty fine after receiving a ticket.


STOP for the Bus


We can’t stress this one enough. Too many times we’ve seen videos on the news where drivers fail to stop when a school bus has its stop sign out and flashing lights on. Children are almost hit as the drivers speed by without care. It’s the law. Stop for the bus.


Carpool Caution


If you’re a part of a local carpool, be sure to give all of the kids the safety rundown. Seatbelts are a must. Talk to the kids about where to wait for the vehicle so that they’re not standing in the road or darting out in front of traffic.


Aware of Surroundings


Constantly remind yourself and children to be aware of surroundings. Look both ways before crossing streets. Wait for the crossing guard to give you the okay and hesitate before crossing streets where vehicles are approaching, as they may not initially see you.


Brush Up on Driving


It’s always a good idea to refresh your memory when it comes to driving and the many safety guidelines that come along with it. Even if you’ve been driving for many years, it would still be smart to take the time to go through some basic driving test questions to remind yourself to be safe.


Here at Orange County BMW, we want you to be safe and have a happy school year!

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