The Self-Driving BMW Car Will Be Produced with Help From Mobileye and Intel

With many automakers laying out an ironclad deadline, we get closer and closer to self-driving cars on the road every single month. And now, BMW has taken another giant leap forward, by announcing a partnership with Mobileye and Intel.

Mobileye – a leader in automobile software – and Intel – one of the largest tech companies in the country – are sure to launch BMW towards their self-driving vehicles goals, a deadline which the luxury automaker has set for 2021.

BMW 7 Series - Harriman, NY

BMW will lean on some important partners to develop its driver-less technology.

This news comes after a significant amount of time with Mobileye working with Tesla, an obvious competitor for BMW, but now, it seems that Mobileye has turned their gaze elsewhere.

The upcoming self-driving BMW car will apparently need no input at all from a driver, besides when the driver initially gives the car a destination. This makes the vehicle perfect for ride-sharing, which BMW is exploring.

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