Driver Assist Technologies: Redefining the Auto World

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BMW driver assist technology; helping make the road a safer place for you!

Driver assist technology is one of the biggest breakthroughs in automotive design in recent history. These safety systems help you to be a better driver by monitoring your blind spots, maintaining a safe following distance, and even by making sure you are alert. By 2020, virtually all cars in the US will have an automated forward collision warning and braking system, which is said to be the next big thing since anti-lock brakes and seat belts.

According to Bankrate, the most common driver assist technologies monitor your blind spots and alert you to danger. These use a range of sensors, including radar, to alert you if you are changing lanes, passing, or being passed. This also pairs with land-keeping technology that ensures you are not drifting from lane to lane.

Automatic cruise control, which goes by various other names, is a system that maintains a safe following distance between you and the driver in front of you. BMW recognizes how frustrating it can be when you set the cruise control and then have to turn it off because the car in front of you is going slow. Well, never again thanks to the new cruise control technology.

This also utilizes much of the same technology found in forward collision warning systems and automatic emergency braking. Detecting immanent threats, your car can now press the brakes for you, reacting faster than any human ever could.

There are also systems like brake assist, trailer sway control, rearview cameras, and more. These are just some of many driver assist technologies that are redefining mobility.

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