BMW Unveils the Roster for Their Olympic and Paralympic BMW Performance Team

Strength and perseverance are two areas where BMW and its vehicles excel. Therefore, BMW looks to help support those who also embody those characteristics. The latest group that BMW has pledged to support is bringing their determination and skills to the biggest athletic event of the year!

According to a post from the BMW blog, BMW has unveiled the roster for their Olympic and Paralympic BMW Performance Team.

BMW will help send this group of American athletes to Rio later this summer to participate in the summer Olympic and Paralympic games set to take place there. The team of eight athletes is comprised of three Olympic swimmers and five track and field Paralympic participants.

“While working with the Olympics and the USOC is a truly rewarding experience, it is supporting the athletes that brings us the greatest joy,” said Trudy Hardy, Vice President of Marketing for BMW of North America. “The perseverance and determination of these remarkable athletes keeps us driven to help foster and improve their performance in this journey to Rio. We are proud and privileged to work with such amazing athletes.”

Keep an eye out for the BMW Performance Team during the Olympic Games in Rio this summer, and read more about BMW’s partnership with the 2016 Olympic Games on our website!

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