Family Summer Activities in Hudson Valley

Family Summer Activities in Hudson ValleySummer break is coming up, but in Hudson Valley, you won’t even get the chance to take a break between all of the fun things there are to do in the area. If you’re looking for fun family summer activities, this is the place to do it, with everything from relaxing beaches to active, outdoor adventuring. Wondering what you might be missing out on? Here’s just a few of the family summer activities in Hudson Valley going on this summer time.

Of course, the usual summer thing is to seek out ways to have fun while cooling off in the water. Water parks, beaches, swimming holes, and even stand-up paddleboard rentals are available for your enjoyment. Zoom Flume Water Park and Splash Down Beach are great places to take the kids, while places such as Hudson River Recreation, Mountain Tops Outdoors, and Hudson Valley Stand-Up Paddleboards all rent and sell supplies such as paddleboards and kayaks to customers.

There’s also plenty of other outdoor activities such as going to zoos and parks, berry-picking at one of various local farms that allow visitors to pick their own berries, attending garden tours, and hiking along the famous “rail trails” constructed over top of defunct railroad tracks. You can even take a historical train ride of the Catskill Mountain Railroad.

There are plenty of other family summer activities to do in Hudson Valley, ranging from fishing or even crabbing in local water sources, playing mini-golf, or grabbing a meal at one of the Valley’s many fantastic native restaurants. There are even disc golf courses, and a number of river cruise opportunities for those who want to take a leisurely ride on the river.

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