Tips For Handling Road Anxiety

tips for handling road anxiety For some people, it’s a problem so severe that they can’t even get behind the wheel. But even for those of us who only panic every once in awhile, these tips for handling road anxiety will help.

1 – Prevention is the key

Like any other ailment, it’s much easier to prevent road anxiety than try to stop it after it starts. You can prevent it by giving yourself more time and taking a different, less congestive route. You can choose to drive at non-peak times.

2 – Recognize the onset of symptoms

Next to prevention, it helps to recognize your anxiety as soon as possible. Know your symptoms. A swirling sensation in your gut? Pounding in your temples? Sweating profusely? Create an action plan that may include pulling over at a safe place and/or self-coaching that you can enact when symptoms arise.

3 – Avoid triggers

Anxiety usually occurs as the result of a various influences. With road anxiety, obviously traffic or challenging terrain can be an influence. But don’t contribute to the problem by eating excessive sugar, drinking too much caffeine or listening to loud music.

Follow these easy tips for handling road anxiety and you may find that you are able to control it!

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