BMW ReachNow Car-Sharing Service Launches In Seattle

BMW launches ReachNow Car-sharing in SeattleBMW has turned its innovative spirit towards creating an exciting new premium car sharing service called ReachNow. The pilot phase of the project is now over and the service officially launched recently in Seattle.

ReachNow is different than other car sharing services in a number of key ways. First of all, the registration process is lightning fast. A press release from the automaker says, you can do it in “in two minutes or less – a first for any car sharing service.” The fleet of 370 vehicles will include not only the MINI Cooper and 3 Series vehicles but also revolutionary all-electric luxury i3.

Other innovations include the option to have a particular vehicle delivered to a particular location. Also, ReachNow offers flexibility in terms of the length of the rental, meaning that the service is bridging the gap between car-sharing and traditional car rental service.

The ReachNow initiative will soon expand to the Seattle Tacoma International Airport and then to other US cities. Keep in touch with Orange County BMW for more news on BMW innovations and technologies, coming to you from Hudson Valley, NY!

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